To the MHXR player of the whole world, my name is Cookie

Everyone who accessed from overseas, do it for the first time! My name is Cookie!

I think that you are an MHXR player to watch this blog. Then I and you can be friends!

I am tweeting on Twitter besides my blog.
If you send me a message I will do my best and reply while translating.

Cookie Twitter


I want to go quest together someday
Let's meet again. Bye bye! Thank you!


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こんにちは、Cookieです! ゲーム歴は4歳からで、ネトゲ歴14年、スマホゲー歴5年くらいになりますヽ(*´з`*)ノ あまり広く浅くやらず、1つのゲームを深く掘るスタイルで遊んでます( ˙꒳˙ )


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